Moonglow Quick Start Guide


The main script to run is mgfind. You must specify a plugin class using the -plugin option. The config/ file allows use to specify default paramters for convenience, and comes with some examples of appropriate values to use. Arguments to the mgfind script are specified using the format: -x y. Arguments that are specific to the plugin are specified using the format: --x y.

Running The App

From the command-line, run mgfind, using the following arguments:

-plugin The plugin class. The following plugins come with the distribution:,, or org.silvermoon.moonglow.plugin.mozilla.MozillaPlugin
-format The format template to use for the results. For example, specifying html will use the $MOONGLOW_HOME/templates/html.vm template, etc. Other good values are text, and csv. To customize your own template, simply create a file in the templates directory, e.g. bob.vm, and use -format bob.
-formatter The class of the results formatter. Default is Velocity, so you'll probably not have a need to set this unless you wish to use a custom formatter.
-? or -help Display usage message

Plugin Parameters

Each plugin will require certain parameters to be set. Specifying the --help option will display the plugin's usage, for example: mgfind -plugin --help

If this seems like a lot to type, open the file config/, where you can specify a default value by setting the console.plugin property. In that file you can also specify default parameters for each plugin, for example: amazon.keyword=forklifts