Project Moonglow

To Get Started Now: Download the latest release then read the quick start guide.


Moonglow is a command-line application which queries data from a variety of sources and formats the results using user-defined Velocity templates.

The pluggable data sources are primarily XML web services, such as Google and Amazon, but can be anything including a local database or reverse-engineered HTML. There is a new experimental bridge which reads Mozilla search plugins, thereby allowing simple access to many web searches.

The command-line app is a sporty UNIX-style interface, which makes it relatively easy to create custom scripts which perform intricate operations. Some planned features of the client are:


You can now download the 0.1-beta 2 release , which comes with plugins for searching Google and Amazon, as well as a bridge for reading Mozilla search plugins. Read the release notes here. The latest code can also be retrieved from CVS at SourceForge. Please see the installation guide and quick start guide after downloading.

IMPORTANT: Moonglow requires a J2SE 1.4 compatabile JVM for running, and Apache Ant for building and testing.


Source code for project moonglow is under the BSD License. This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation ( All Apache products, including Velocity, are protected by the Apache License. JUnit is distributed under the Common Public License. Code by Arthur Do is distributed under the Gnu Public License. Please read the terms of use for the Google and Amazon plugins.

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